The Kentucky Bourbon Affair (“KBA”), the ultimate Bourbon Fantasy Camp, includes a strong commitment to the comfort and safety of the workers, guests, and vendors who make it possible.

Instances of discrimination, harassment, violence, coercion, irresponsible use of alcohol, and disruptive or illegal activity will not be tolerated at any time.

Reports of unacceptable behaviors may result in a revocation of an individual’s license to attend any Kentucky Bourbon Affair activity (“KBA Event”), regardless of his or her individual or professional affiliation with or payment for the KBA Event, without prior notice or compensation by KBA.

Unacceptable Behaviors

The following list includes examples of behaviors which are deemed unacceptable under this Code of Conduct, whether performed in-person or online. The below list is not exhaustive and the KBA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether particular conduct violates this Code of Conduct.

  • Discriminating based upon race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin or genetic information, or any legally protected class;
  • Harassing with unwelcome and/or offensive treatment or conduct (verbal, physical, psychological, visual, sexual harassment, or otherwise);
  • Fighting, assaulting, threatening, intimidating, or otherwise disrespecting another person;
  • Bringing firearms or weapons of any kind, illegal drugs, or unapproved chemicals onto any KBA Event premises;
  • Interfering with standard event procedures, like transportation or alcohol service, or coercing another individual to interfere with any KBA Event through the use of financial tips or other means;
  • Being impaired by illegal drugs of any kind, or over-intoxicated by alcohol;
  • Aiding or abetting the sale or service of alcohol to an individual under Kentucky’s legal drinking age (21 years old);
  • Violating any city, state, or federal laws or statutes;
  • Stating or making false claims of injury, or failure to cooperate fully or provide truthful information in a Code of Conduct investigation.

By providing the above examples, the Kentucky Bourbon Affair in no way restricts its legal discretion to terminate employment, contractual relationships, or access to any KBA Event without refund.

Reporting a Concern

Concerns or questions related to this Code of Conduct may be addressed to the Kentucky Distillers’ Association via phone (502-875-9351) or email ( as soon as they arise.

If they present an immediate threat to any Kentucky Bourbon Affair worker or attendee, violations should be reported to local authorities via the national 9-1-1 telephone service immediately.

The Kentucky Bourbon Affair Director will work to review, investigate, and resolve concerns in a courteous, discreet, fair, and timely manner and may call upon the assistance of other Kentucky Bourbon Affair staff or outside legal counsel, as necessary.

By attending KBA Events attendees agree to be bound by this Code of Conduct in its entirety. If an attendee does not agree to be bound by these terms, his or her only alternative is not to attend any KBA Event.

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